TINA - Tamara 1.4 certified

One of the biggest challenges TMCs are facing is reporting the data according to the corporate needs, when it comes to specific reporting formats. Every detail of a travel process can provide insights and transparency, allowing your corporate travelers to make better travel spend decisions. With the analyzed data, you and your corporate customers can manage better company’s travel budget.

This way, reporting is one of the keystones of the corporate travel value proposition. Reporting not only features the travel expenses of a company, and has the role to provide critical data in building travel programs that can improve booking behavior and lower travel costs.

A Mid-Back Office System should be able to give you access in real time to the data you need and to have the full flexibility in extracting anytime the reports you need for you and for your customers. Our belief is that automation can play an equally important role in improving underlying data quality by avoiding errors introduced by manual data entry. Our travel ERP, TINA, handles complex processes, delivers greater speed and accuracy of data, and is capable of extracting information in different formats and data that can be fed into downstream systems.

TINA is now certified for TAMARA 1.4 reporting

Travel agencies using TINA – the real travel ERP have way less hassle servicing corporate customers. And they all know that when it comes to reporting, nothing is impossible for them. So, we're proudly announcing our latest TINA certification from AirPlus for TAMARA 1.4 reports

AirPlus provides corporate payment solutions to 48,000 customers worldwide. It offers to its customers detailed invoices and MISs based on travel dates issued by Lufthansa AirPlus Company Cards or VISA / MasterCard.

As a travel agency, utilizing the AirPlus report format - TAMARA, you have the option to send extra information regarding any transactions of your client’s AirPlus Company Account.




Gain Full Visibility and Control Over Your Travel Business

TMCs can find it hard to keep up with the increasing demands of their client base and potential new customers. TINA provides you with new ways to see, understand, and control your customers and suppliers’ information to maximizing return on investment and improving customer experience.

TINA becomes the best business decision support. Quality and consistency of data due to automation and comprehensive reporting options provides actionable data building the foundation for fast and sound business decisions. TINA reporting capabilities

Predefined Reports

From Financial reports to Operational reports, TINA provides you a standard set of reports that any company needs to access it with no hassle. 

Custom Reports

The powerful reporting module of TINA gives you the full flexibility to create your own reports -  any data can be extracted. 

Standard Reports

Some of the most used reporting formats are already available in TINA, with no additional effort for your team: AMEX GBT, AMEX BTA, AMEX CTA, Tableau, Tamara 1.33 and 1.4, Prism, iBank, Egencia reports, Radius reports, Travel Trax reports.


With Dashboard Templates from TINA, you will be able to focus on making better decisions, act faster on data-driven insights, and spare your business from costly mistakes. Our ERP comes with predefined dashboards with widgets tailored to different stakeholders : C-level, CFO, Operations, Travel Agent and System Administrator.

Corporate Portal

Corporate Portal powered by TINA ERP is specially designed to upgrade your collaboration with your corporate customers and the quality of services you are offering as a TMC.  The single-platform solution seamlessly integrates all the data regarding the travel program evolution.



Export to Data Warehouse

TINA comes with a robust data base structure that provides fast speed in accessing information and the possibility to export the information to Data Warehouse solutions.

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