Improve the security of  IRIX Booking Engine with 2FA!



Enhance  the security of business information with 2FA feature!

In today's world, a strong password might keep your data safe against data breach, but Two-Factor Authentication adds another layer of security to business data and confidential information. 2FA is an approach to account security when it comes to your online accounts and requires a double check step to make sure that you are the owner of the accounts, and not just someone who knows the correct password.

On the last couple of months our efforts had been focused towards assuring a safe environment when working within IRIX Booking Engine. From now on, all IRIX users (both admins and resellers) can take advantage of the new control functionality by enabling 2FA, so you and your reseller network can operate in a more secure way.

Do you have the necessary tools to keep your business data safe? 

With just a few clicks, travel agencies can make sure everything is configured and ready for a more secure utilization of the application. There are two options developed in IRIX as secure measurements: receive a code on the registered e-mail address or receive a code via mobile Google authenticator (also other soft token authenticator can be used if preferred).

2fa in IRIX


Worried about your resellers network? Make sure they work in a safe environment!

We have developed the same functionality for IRIX reseller accounts, so travel agencies can provide the safety measures to avoid any security incident to their resellers network.  More than that, IRIX admin users have the full control to keep track of their resellers' 2FA status by using a special filter within the application.


Be sure you have the Two-Factor Authentication functionality enabled!