Marketing & Retention Tool

The smart way to retain your customers! Travlist mobile app

Few people in the travel industry would contest that the competition is intensifying – your traveler’s expectations are higher than ever . The marketing challenge for new customers makes the acquisition increasingly costly, competing in Google, Facebook, travel aggregators advertising budgets with other players, so in the end retaining your travel agency new customer is the focus in travel industry.



Retaining your customers doesn't have to be overly complicated!

We have developed a mobile app to make sure that you can engage and retain your customers. 

TravList travel mobile app

  • Smart marketing tool

TravList makes it easy for you to know your customers. It remembers their needs and preferences, past and future purchases and destinations – information that helps you serve them tailored offers! Our app makes it easy for you to market special offers for new travel services.

  • Cross-selling & upselling tool

TravList helps you better understand customer preferences. This information helps you, the travel professional, effectively market, open up cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Through our mobile app you can offer existing customers complementary products and offers. 

  • Automated travel assistant for your customers

TravList will serve your customers as a smart travel assistant. With this app, travellers will have access to their travel details and other useful information about their itineraries: trip details, flight changes, weather at destination, local maps and other details. 

  • Customer retention tool

It is a customer retention tool that allows you to connect with your clients at the time and place they travel. Through a simple tap your customers can connect with you, building peace of mind and loyalty. Retaining your customers can be difficult, we know that! 

It's time to stay connected with your customers 24/7 and offer them a 360° travel experience!

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