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TRIP B2C platform - Enterprise REST API 

Choosing the right platform for the online market could be a hard choice, taking into consideration your customer’s needs:

  • Customers are becoming very demanding, with very little time to spare
  • Information needs to be provided as clear as possible, in an intuitive manner
  • No-hands-bookings are a must, as clients search and book 24/7
  • Customers demand for an experience - type booking, rather than a traditional selling
  • Mobility is the key – you need to be next to your customer, anytime

The benefits you'll get from choosing TRIP REST API

Our special tools are designed to help your marketing strategies and are a great way to promote your best offers and to attract your online customers.


Caching Engine

TRIP engine stores all the searches performed by visitors, using a complex cache architecture. The information stored in the databases can be later used in promoting special offers or for SEO purposes using marketing widgets.



Contextual Messaging

You can help your users to find the best locations for their holidays by activities they are interested in. Use the contextual messaging module to provide relevant information for each step of the buyer’s journey.



Full Bespoke Interface

You can create your own interface, working with your preferred web design company. We have included all the back-end processing in TRIP Enterprise engine and we have created the REST API to make the customization process as simple as possible.



Dynamic Packaging

Create automated dynamic packages with flights and hotel, based on live searches in suppliers’ data bases.



Social media networks integration

Create user accounts using social media accounts, social networks like/share scripts – all are available in the Enterprise version of the B2C platform.



Themed search plugin /Events search plugin

Unleash your creativity – provide your customers with themed searches. Use the themed search plugin to define themes like honeymoon, extreme sports or festivals add locations and periods to let your customers search for what they really need.


Advanced CMS

Create almost any landing page that you can image: from destination pages that contain search forms to pages containing your accommodation recommendations and landing pages containing marketing widgets.


Online Chat

You can keep your clients close, using the online chat plugin. Packed with unlimited call center users, it’s the right tool to service your customers and make sure they access all the information they need.


Reservation Check

Your clients can easily access their reservation details even if they don’t have a customer account. The reservation information can be accessed using only the email address and reservation number.


Designed to meet your needs

Today's online travel industry is based on emotional selling. A successful selling platform needs to be fast, emotional and user-friendly.

Find out how you can use the B2C REST API to customize your B2C travel website!


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