Element Travel Technology joins forces with dcs plus to enable its TMCs clients to gain access to cutting edge travel technology

Element Travel Technology is a service provider with a focus on exceptional customer experience at its heart, that helps TMCs to understand that in order to remain relevant and competitive, they must begin to define themselves as technology sellers, at least in part. With some of the most experienced consultants in the industry, Element enables its TMC clients to gain access to cutting edge travel technology, complemented by the peace of mind that results from their unparalleled level of experience. 

As a result of the partnership agreement, Element is now providing dcs plus' TINA automation technology to smaller TMCs across Europe.

Gavin Smith, Director at Element: “We are providing tech and services to what we see is a widely underserved TMC segment. Smaller TMCs desperately need cutting edge travel technology to remain competitive and provide their existing and potential clients with the user experience their travelers want. The pressure from the market is rising exponentially, while they are stuck with legacy tech or no tech at all. We see that their struggle is very real.”
He added: “We are seeing a lot of interest from TMCs who understand that in order to remain competitive they need to keep a closer watch on their business and their clients. Our offering of TINA for smaller agencies, will help them achieve this goal. Element works alongside our client’s business, we upskill their team on TINA, so when we leave the implementation and deployment phase, we’re making sure that there is a mechanism for delivering ongoing value – we call this a do, show and support model”

Andrei Savin, Head of Alliances and Partnerships, dcs plus: "Gavin and his team truly impressed us from day one with their broad knowledge of the industry and travel tech, not only restricted to the UK market. We believe they are the perfect partner to support our growth across the UK and Europe. By combining their mission and our technology we can enable every small TMC to provide their business with a proven and innovative experience while helping them decrease their overheads. It’s a true win-win.”


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