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3 Ways Travel Agencies Can Help Resellers’ Sales

Be good to your resellers and they will be good to you.

After all, the relationship between a given agency and its resellers stands to be a mutually beneficial value proposition. Agencies that rely on resellers help to ensure their content is reaching the broadest possible audience, which in turn helps to boost sales. Resellers, meanwhile, stand to earn considerable revenue from commissions by establishing valuable partnerships with agencies. But the key phrase here, however, is value. How can an agency provide value for its resellers? More specifically, how can an agency help to boost resellers’ sales of travel services?

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How to Help Your B2B Travel Resellers

The travel industry has always been a complex distribution system comprised of retail travel agents; wholesalers supplying travel services options including transport, accommodation, tours and attractions; and local tourism resources who contract their services with wholesalers. Over the past ten years this distribution system has been impacted by the Internet as consumers can bypass travel agents and go directly to the local tourism resources. However, for the most part, these basic high level relationships are still intact.

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