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Will Travel Technology save the Storefront Travel Agency?

If asked to name industries most affected by the Internet since the 1990’s, most people would think of online retailers like Amazon – draining sales away from small and large store-based retailers; or perhaps the music industry – careening from vinyl to CD’s, CD’s to mp3s and ultimately to Spotify.  Both are good answers. Another answer might be storefront travel agencies; certainly the widespread acceptance of online travel agencies (OTA) transformed the agency business model.  However, the ultimate fate of the traditional agency remains an open question. Ironically, technology – which crippled the travel agency twenty years ago – may be the very thing that saves them in the 21st century.   

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Compelling Reasons to look for a Cloud-based ERP Travel Industry Solution

Two earlier posts addressed topics closely related to the subject of this blog: one covered the reasons why travel software-as-a-service (Travel SaaS) is an attractive technology model for companies in the this industry; the second discussed how the travel industry is using process automation to eliminate unnecessary costs from back office operations. This blog ties those two subjects together by presenting compelling reasons why travel companies should take a close look at cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. 

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