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The power of Financial Reports in TINA 3

  • Are there any differences between your estimated profit and the real one?
  • What's your services sales evolution?
  • Which are your top performing services?
  • Who are your top bad debt customers?

Do you have the answer to these questions? How often do you think you should check this information in order to have the necessary visibility and to know what to plan for the future of your travel agency?

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Three Types of Reports – every Travel Company Needs

This week I was on a software provider's website and read this description of an ERP product feature, “With FeatureABC, the accuracy, the reliability and the availability of information are improved so management can make better strategic decisions more quickly. Consolidation is beneficial in many processes in an agency.

At first, I found myself thinking, “What are they talking about? What does this mashup of adjectives even mean?” Then I thought, “How many people in the travel industry even know what reports they need, much less what reasonable expectations should be for their reporting tools and database?”

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