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How Cognitive Computing Could Change How We Travel

tablet-travel.jpgIt sounds like something straight out of The Jetsons: Describing your criteria for an upcoming business trip or vacation to a computer, which then instantaneously generates personalized recommendations based on profiles culled from past purchasing behavior.

Perhaps even more out of this world? The computer could then actually book your entire destination package making choices about airlines, flight times, hotel accommodations, and other bookings based on a profile of your most recent travel preferences.

Science fiction, right? Not necessarily thanks to one of the next big waves of technological innovation to hit the travel industry: cognitive computing.


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What makes a Travel Company or Travel Agency consistently successful?

It’s tempting to look back on 2015 for clues of what lies ahead for the travel industry in 2016, and there is some value in that approach.  Certainly technology will continue to impact how people purchase and experience travel; distribution channels will continue to evolve and the industry as a whole will continue to grow. But there’s a limit to what clues from the prior year can tell us and also a point at which trying to read tea leaves  from the past amounts to a distraction more than anything else.

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2016 – Digital Transformation arrives at the Travel Agency

The travel agency has seen its share of changes over recent years. Marketing channels used to be called the front door of the agency or the telephone. Then online booking arrived in the travel industry, bringing with it: pricing transparency; e-commerce; new distribution relationships and altered commission structures.

For most travel businesses the first reactions to these changes were reactive changes to their business models – and it made sense. When price transparency drops margins and commissions are shrinking, finding ways to cut costs and increase efficiencies provides more immediate relief than creating new revenue streams with higher profitability. However, in 2016 proactive changes in travel agency business models will likely accelerate, particularly in the area of digital transformation.

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Travel ERP: Delivering Big Data & Analytics Value

In a recent blog we discussed how travel companies can derive benefits from Big Data, analytics and advanced reports in four operational areas:  

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What Advanced Reporting Means to a Travel Agency

What is advanced reporting in today’s travel industry? In this article it's defined as leveraging Big Data and data analytics to make smarter and faster strategic, operational, marketing and sales decisions. Big Data? Imeans there’s a huge amount of travel data available to mine for insights on: strategy; service offerings; pricing; marketing and user personalization. While every travel agency owner or manager would agree better information can only help to improve performance, odds are they are also part of the 81% that have no business intelligence (BI) solution in their travel business. 

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