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Apply quality control rules to ensure your travel agency’s operational stability

Operational stability within you travel agency is critical. One of the ways that ensures its achievement is represented by the accuracy and security of the processes that take place on a regular basis. Defining and having in place a specific set of rules with restrictions that will prevent your agents from adding invoices if certain mandatory criteria are not matched will ensure a seamless process.

Apply better safeguards to prevent bad invoices

QC rulesThe processes that take place in a travel agency are numerous and complex, and for sure you faced scenarios when important elements were missing on order or invoice level, and a human intervention is required. This kind of situations are very time consuming if we are thinking of those specific cases when the intervention should affect whole process processes that had been unfolded until that moment (including the financial one). The sooner they are found, the better, as you don’t have to dig too much in order to take the necessary corrective actions. Productivity is even higher when human intervention is not needed.

Within the CRM module, TINA allows the users to create different rules that will further on apply restrictions if different elements are not introduced. These precise rules and fixed guidelines are automatically triggered for the entire process, increasing the levels of productivity. The rules should be configured by selecting different filters and, in case the chosen ones are respected, then the restrictions step is applied.

For example, if one of your corporate customers is requesting to always have the remark COST CENTER filled in, on service level, before moving forward with the invoicing process, then you can define a quality control rule, using the corporate client as filter and applying the restriction for the desired remark. If the user is trying to add an invoice for a service that does not contain the remark, then a restriction message will be displayed, mentioning about the validation of the rule. This is the moment when the user receives a reminder about the fact that something is missing from the service; and yes, this happens before having all the financial process done. You know that sometimes it happens that the agent simply forgets about filling in all the needed information on the service/invoice, but with the right rules defined, you’ll make sure that the entire process is covered and everything is displayed properly.

Another good example to be followed, is creating a rule that will restrict the user on adding invoices, unless a specific currency is present. For example, the rule will verify the filters entered and will check for the selected client if the invoice that is about to be added contains the proper currency. If not, the user will not be allowed to add the invoice.

Proper invoicing is critical to your travel agency’s financial health and to the relationship between you and your customers. Managed well, it can be a major advantage for your company. The quality control rules in TINA will help you eliminate costly errors and will further reflect into reliable data that will further build reports you can count on.


Check our video below to find out how simple it is to define quality control rules in TINA Travel ERP!



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