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Suppliers, partners and customers transparency

Have you ever wondered how this three party relation works behind the scenes?

Suppliers, partners, and customers are at the heart of any business. Have you ever wondered how these three parties work together behind the scenes? You are on one side as customer and travel services retailer, the suppliers are on another side as travel services providers, while dcs plus is technology provider.

Let us have a deeper look! 

The world has become more competitive. Suppliers vie for customers and market share. Customers vie for personalized technology and exclusive features.  

In this chaotic arena, it is too easy for your judgment to become clouded – for you to lose your moral compass. We at dcs plus create solutions that allow you to retain your principles in order to operate a company that is transparent and of the highest ethical quality.

For us suppliers, clients, and customers are part of an integral chain. 


At dcs plus we do not prefer one supplier over another. Additionally we don’t charge suppliers. We treat all clients equally. And that treatment places respect, transparency, and security among its highest priorities. 

dcs plus does not charge the suppliers whatsoever, there is no booking fees that reach dcs plus' pocket, so both customers and suppliers can rest assured that dcs plus technology is free of any hidden political or economic interest behind the scenes.

More than that, all suppliers have the same treatment in the system, they are implemented at the same technical level and there is no “show this supplier 1st” restriction that dcs imposes. The lowest price always prevails. 

As the travel retail contracts are directly between you as our customer and the suppliers, dcs really stays out of the entire business process:

  • No booking fees on customer side
  • No booking fees / incentives on suppliers side
  • No supplier preference on our side when selling our system. You as customer can pick any supplier, there are no commercial gimmicks to drive you in selecting a specific set of suppliers
  • No supplier preference or sorting when showing the results / bookable services 
  • No special tagging / marking of some suppliers over the others

Our focus is on ensuring a fair game.
We ensure your comfort on this, you are safe.
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