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Attending e-Travel Middle East Conference

There is noe-Travel Middle East secret: the digital world is changing the way people travel and also the way travel professionals conduct business. 

Travel industry experts are gathering in Dubai, on 1-2 November, at e-Travel Middle East, to explore and discuss the future trends shaping the dynamic travel environment, how digital innovation can help improving business strategy and how technology can be leveraged for the benefit of the savvy and connected modern traveler.

During this event, Angelo Jambore, our Marketing VP will deliver a presentation  regarding  the challenges faced today by  travel agencies and tour operators in a world in which change is the only constant. 

It seems that in the Middle East region the world of e-commerce is dominating the industry - more and more people choose to book online, more and more travel agencies and OTAs are entering the market and there is an increased pressure on these players to differentiate and raise customer loyalty for their own brand. They need to adapt their strategies and focus on better communicating and serving the increasingly demanding customer base.

Obviously, the impact of technology will be explored, complemented by recommendations on how technology solutions can help industry players stay ahead of the competition.  

Attending e-Travel Middle East  Conference reinforces our involvement in the  local industry evolution and is further evidence of our commitment for the MENA region. 

 Furthermore, during the conference participants will discover interesting and useful news about:

  • Upcoming digital trends affecting the market that they must adopt to stay connected with their customers
  • The best strategies to predict their customer’s purchasing behaviour to increase efficiency and loyalty
  • Features that hotels and airlines should adopt to increase direct bookings 
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