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A celebration of growth and trust

The very beginning

‘When I founded dcs plus, 14 years ago, with no employees and with no capital, I could hardly foresee a growth to an international company with hundreds of customers in over 45 markets and with a staff of over 70 people.dcs plus team We could not have come this far without the loyal support, dedication and hard work of each member of our team and without the trust and confidence of our partners and customers.

I remember the days when we couldn’t even dream to ‘conquer’ the world, but when, with unbridled ambition started to ‘build’… However, we knew that there was no sector in the modern economy that could remain impassive to technology; more than that, we were very confident that we could build and create value
through technology solutions in an extremely dynamic industry, that was global by its nature. That thought brought us an incredibly pleasant and motivating feeling; it offered us so much diligence and courage that we took on challenges and rose to them with an unbelievable enthusiasm.’

Cristian Dinca - dcs plus CEO and Founder


A wonderful journey in a world of change

Here, at dcs plus, we started our journey with the belief that technology is evolving at such rapid pace and has so much impact that most often manages to revolutionize an entire industry.

Along the way, together with our partners and customers, we learned a lot. We have learned how to operate in an industry where CHANGE was the only constant. We saw and felt how the rapid evolution of the internet and advances in technology changed forever the way people travel and book travel services and the way agents conduct their business.

Today, we witness a shortening of the chain between the traveler and the provider of the services, which leads to massive transformations. The traveler today is savvy, open-minded, confident, has high expectations, is always connected and expects personalized experience. It’s now easier for him to get access directly to the desired services and it is more and more challenging for the industry players to satisfy their needs.

Obviously, this creates a huge pressure upon the travel agencies that, in order to survive, must redefine their roles and transform the way they conduct business. Acquiring new customers and retaining the existing ones depend upon their ability to adapt and differentiate. Travel players have to deliver superior value and quality of service, optimize and control costs through processes automation and increase sales by leveraging all the distribution channels available. The only viable way to achieving these, is by taking advantage of the travel technologies available.

Reliable and proven technologies

We can state that we always anticipated the needs of the travel agencies and provided them solutions that helped them gain and maintain competitive advantage in domestic as well as global markets. Knowing that the long term success of a travel agency was tied to revenue growth and lower operating costs, we provided cost control and optimization through TINA. Through automation, the solution could eliminate delays and inefficiency, optimize processes and provide a high level of visibility and control upon the entire business.

What 12 years ago was the first full web-based travel ERP, today is one of the world’s most advanced travel ERPs and is favored by global TMC representatives such as Lufthansa City Center, BCD Travel, Egencia, Global Star, FCm Travel Solutions, Radius Travel and others.

The travel agencies’ need of reducing the operational costs dealing with many vendors and reservation systems at the same time was met by TBS’ launch in 2008. TBS content aggregator consolidated multiple vendors into a single platform and automated the offering, thus reducing considerably the time and manpower needed. TBS solved not only the consolidation issue, but also facilitated sales on multiple selling channels at once: resellers, corporate accounts and online.

Short after the TBS launch, we realized that the holiday packages could propel business but required a complex set of services such as accommodation, transport, tours, activities and other services. Manually storing, updating and managing all these inventories was time consuming and prone to human error. What represented a challenge for tour operators meant a new opportunity for us. We developed AIDA – a robust and flexible platform that allowed a detailed and comprehensive management of inventory, creation of travel packages and sales on various distribution channels.

When the online market was growing, and getting online was a must for every travel agency to gain visibility and increase sales, we created TRIP. dcs plus’ customers got the opportunity to generate more sales by making their offers available on attractive websites. ‘Responsive design’ was nice to have at that time for the travel agencies just discovering what ‘the online’ held, but TRIP was built responsive from the very beginning.

In the recent years, when the travelling industry players were facing fierce competition and travelers’ expectations grew higher than ever, dcs plus created TravList – an innovative marketing tool aimed to help the travel agencies differentiate by offering superior value and quality of service and a personalized travel experience. TravList mobile app was meant to be used as a smart retention tool and as a great cross-selling and upselling tool.

Global partnerships with key industry players

dcs plus has chosen to be not only a technology provider, but a strong and reliable partner, managing to build successful collaborations.

In the attempt to shape the future of global travel industry, our company joined efforts with key travel industry players – Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport –  entering together into strategic partnerships, with the goal of sharing further our know-how, expertise and visionary thinking with our worldwide customers.

‘Our engagement to professionalism, ethics and our constant efforts to reach excellence materialized in mature software applications that have been tested, implemented and proven to boost productivity and profitability, to the leading companies in the industry, at both local and international level.’

Andrei Raileanu - dcs plus Director of Alliances and Partnerships

Since 2002, we’ve been connecting travel to technology, responding to the ever-changing needs of travel professionals. The global view and the long-term expertise gained through analyzing hundreds of business modes, allowed us to complement our software solutions with consultancy services.  

We did it our way

No one can argue that it was an easy path to success - sometimes with baby steps, sometimes with leaps and jumps, but nothing ever stopped us to raise the bar and challenge ourselves even more. There were 14 exciting years of doing things ‘the dcs plus way’: with passion, boldness, creativity and collaboration. We are still committed to everything that relates to responsibility, reliability and professionalism. It is an incredible feeling to see that your customers’ businesses grow and improve based on the solutions that you provide.

We proudly carried on our steady growth even in the context of challenging times and economic environments, thanks to our adaptable solutions and to our qualified and reliable team of professionals. Even in turbulent periods, we managed to bring added value through the products and services delivered, without making concessions on quality or customer satisfaction. We never let ourselves intimidated by the variations and transformations within the industry, but challenged them and got inspired by them.

Thanks to the commitment, efforts and unwavering perseverance of every single person in dcs plus team, we have gained the trust and respect of the major industry players and we have become one of the leading travel tech companies.

It is an enormous pride for us to still have in our team the people that joined dcs plus in its early days.


‘In all these 14 years, dcs plus has chosen to be not a witness, but an extremely active player in the travel industry – a visionary, creative and intelligent one.  I am looking forward to the coming years and I am sure that they will be even more intense in terms of industry evolution and technology progress. We will further share our expertise, know-how and visionary thinking with our worldwide customers and we will continue to create more and more success stories.’

Cristian Dinca - dcs plus CEO and Founder


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