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How do you swap from economic growth to survival mode?

TINA mid-back office

Time has come when business dimensions are shrinking, people are sent home until further notice and HQ calculate forecasts that allow them to survive with minimum human resources.

So far, one of the most affected domains has been the travel industry: as an effect of economic clash and tourism standstill, many companies that lacked a step-by-step analytical forecast have now shut their doors or are taking shelter under more stable companies.

But what exactly is a stable company? How do you prove yourself to be the leader of a stable corporation which is still in the travel game for the year being?

First, leave aside the word ‘profit’ and see where the most part of the expense goes. How many of your employees are key people to your surviving business? Are your offices worth being paid for or do you have an internet-based solution accessible by any of your staff at any location?

dcs plus has the tech-solution for your travel business that is perfectly applicable now, in 2020. TINA, our best web-based product, offers minimum time optimization for all departments and processes. No more manual repetitive tasks like confirming payments, merging client-supplier invoices, supervising the input, manual reporting and so on. No more human errors that cost your company money that should rather assure your short-term survival.

TINA will organize your business from the first stage of an operational flow, like building the data-base, to the very last operational stage, such as comparing and calculating invoice numbers and details.

Moreover, TINA not only offers these horizontal and operational solutions; it also gives vertical permission to certain boards of management, by enabling the possibility to run thousands of options of reports, based on your analytical needs: money-flow reports, input/output reports, and many more reporting options can be predefined by time-filters and data-filters.

Since the start of dcs plus in 2002, history has proven that TINA saved up to 85% of the manual workflow, through process automation, urging the staff to concentrate on bringing more revenue to the company, by focusing on more sensitive analysis.

So, if you promote a visionary leadership and you understand that this years’ context might be the exact opportunity to redefine your company’s workflow and income, let us know.

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