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NOVA - Safety and Risk Management Nowadays

Keep your client and their business safe and on the go!

These days, considering the new way of living as the ‘new normal’ might not be the right way to say it. A pandemic, mixed with an economic collapse, is an unprecedented situation that forces each country to take (or even avoid taking) whatever measures that seem to work, at least on the short run. From closing borders, to cancelling flights, to refusing certain business flows, to changing all of these from 1 week to another, the governments’ focus this year is keeping their inhabitants and their economy safe and risk-free.

As this focus on economy and people safety cascades down to business domain, this same purpose is applied for those corporate companies that involve their employees in business trips abroad. They need strong rules in place that control the corporate travelling. As a result, the biggest pressure now is on the TMC’s; they are urged to offer their corporate clients an OBT that combines both the best corporate travel bookings AND safety measures that can be adjusted by the Travel Manager, as the epidemic and the global economy dashboard constantly change.

One solution for these raised issues comes from NOVA, the OBT developed by dcs plus.



NOVA comes with this distinctive feature that offers the TMC’s the opportunity to add country restrictions for their travelling clients and allows the Travel Managers to flag countries that are exposed to risks, when booking a service for their travelling staff. This new travelling manner needs to be embraced and flagged by the clients committed to protect their employees and make their business travels safe and away from recognized hazards.

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If personal security and health is your clients’ biggest concern nowadays, NOVA helps you protect your clients and give them the opportunity to choose a business trip while staying informed. Drop us a message and let’s go through NOVA together.

Keep your client and their business safe and on the go!

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