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AIDA Business to Supplier module now available

Let your suppliers update their inventory!

The tour operators having their own contracts with the hotels can decrease their workload, by offering them direct access to contracts management.


Information such as availability, pricing, reservations status etc. will always be up to date and reliable, updated by the hoteliers, through the Business to Supplier (B2S) module in AIDA. Their work will also be facilitated by the possibility to upload files containing prices, in a standardized manner, directly into the application.

Besides the detailed end to end environment available for the classic tour operators, AIDA will soon enrich its addressability to those entities (corporates or individuals) which are handling quality accommodation contracts for certain destinations. These will all be possible through a “cloud usage model” that will bring the contract holder, besides the inventory management environment, a complete set of selling channels: B2B, B2C, B2B2C and nevertheless access to a collaborative environment powered by dcs Market Place, thus unlimited selling opportunities!


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