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The power of Financial Reports in TINA 3

  • Are there any differences between your estimated profit and the real one?
  • What's your services sales evolution?
  • Which are your top performing services?
  • Who are your top bad debt customers?

Do you have the answer to these questions? How often do you think you should check this information in order to have the necessary visibility and to know what to plan for the future of your travel agency?

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Product Updates - August 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

Remarks 'bulk' modification

In the latest version of TINA mid back office, we have developed the possibility to modify the remarks in bulk. In the reporting process, it is very important (especially for TMCs) to have remarks defined for each travel service. But the process of defining them for every single service is time consuming and prone to errors. The new development is meant to simplify and reduce agents' workload - now, once a remark is defined and saved, it is automatically spread to all the services within an Order.

As a consequence, the number of corrections necessary for reporting is diminished, you'll get an increased degree of accuracy for Quality Control and thus, the number of services returned from invoicing is considerably reduced or even eliminated.

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