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3 Ways Travel Agents Benefit from Database Mapping

Think about the idea of a closet organizer: A device with a pre-built structure where you can easily view, store, and retrieve any number of clothing items from shoes to gloves to hats. A closet organizer not only helps you keep your closet space neat and tidy, but it also helps you know at any given time what clothing items you have on hand, in what condition, and what items you lack and may need to acquire given the time of year.

The way a closet organizer helps you assess your wants and needs for clothing functions very similar to  continuously cleaning and mapping their content databases for travel agents. Much like how your organizer keeps you up to date on your clothing inventory, content database mapping is a critical function for agents to ensure updated, accurate information about the products and services available from suppliers and for customers. Continuously mapped databases also ensures travel agents won’t miss out on the latest and greatest offers from suppliers, book inaccurately allocated hotels or accommodations, or be bogged down by slow search response times in their booking engine, travel ERP suite, or other technologies.

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Product Updates - April 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

Changes in Fees Management – 2 new criteria available

We have developed the option to set rules for commission, discount, or service fee, based on the value of the Service price or the Service price + taxes, only for the imported services.

CCI remark for tickets paid by credit card in Sabre

Now, you can to load the credit card type and number details as CCI remark, on the service level, when the form of payment for the services imported from Sabre is set to CC. The remark will be configured in the Setup module – Remarks section (service category).

The format of the remark should be set as: CCI [CREDIT_CARD_TYPE] [CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER]

TINA Worldspan supplier integration update:

We have added the possibility to parse and process tickets from Worldspan. 


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dcs plus welcomes Credo Ventures as a new investor in the company


We are pleased to announce you a new round of investment in our company, this time from Credo Ventures, a venture capital company focused on investments in Central and Eastern Europe. 

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Why Your Travel Company Needs a Travel Booking System

You wouldn’t drive around an unfamiliar neighborhood or city without a map or some kind of GPS device. Not only could this result in confusion and frustration, but it could also result in more concrete, tangible consequences such as lost time, increased fuel costs, and undue wear and tear on your vehicle. To successfully navigate new areas, you need a powerful mapping system to get you where you need to go as fast and efficiently as possible.

Much the same can be said for why travel companies need a powerful, integrated travel booking system. Because the travel industry is  built on responding to disruptions (inclement weather, environmental events, or other delays and cancellations), travel companies must be agile enough to handle these and other temporary breakdowns in calculated, efficient ways to retain customers and continue operations in as normal a way as possible.

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