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Keep Your Customer Informed and On the Go!

Nowadays, safety measures and risk management in corporate travelling have become main topics between travel management companies and customers. Closed borders, flight cancellations, national restrictions; all these subjects are shaking up their way to become mandatory information for every travelling event.

Now more than ever, TMC's need to be next to their corporate customers with more than just booking guidance. They need to offer more support, to train and to inform the end-users about all the tools within their OBT that keeps them informed and SAFE. The fact is that the lack of travel activity within this year gives everybody the opportunity to learn more, to train more. Or at least that's how WE see it. Within our corporate booking platform NOVA, TMC's feed their corporate customers with up-to-date news or any relevant information that might affect travelling.

We know how important is for every TMC to keep their customer’s travelling employees and business safe on the go. Therefore, following last week’s how-to on Safety and Risk Management, today let’s refresh our knowledge about the extremely useful tool in NOVA: the Notifications Center.

Use the Notifications tool to advice, to protect and to keep your end-users informed about whatever affects their travelling:

  • Lock-downs
  • Flight cancellations and airline information
  • Rules after visiting certain destinations
  • Links on how to prepare their next trip
  • Airline information
  • High-risk areas

Business travelers need TMCs more than ever. Taking some of the steps outlined above can help any TMC to offer more assistance nowadays to its corporate customers. How did you assist your travelers in the last couple of months? What is your strategy for the upcoming period of time? Get in touch with us and let’s discuss about your corporate plans.

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