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New plugin available in TINA, the ERP of choice for the travel industry

General supplier invoice import

In order to easily process supplier invoices and for automated settlements preparation, this module allows the import of one or several supplier invoices directly from a CSV file. As most of the suppliers offer an Excel or similar file, which can be simply converted to CSV, this is an easy to use option to import supplier invoices inside the mid office application.


This optional TINA feature is a powerful tool, which delivers immediate advantages to the travel agency using it, as it follows:

  • Easy to use solution for the import of all supplier invoices;
  • Highly customizable import mechanism which allows TINA to adapt to various CSV structures and information content;
  • Real time check of the data validity in order to prevent errors;
  • Possibility to import one or several invoices at once.

Your travel agency will intantly take full advantage of the following main benefits:

  • Reduced time for invoice input inside TINA (between 70 and 95% time savings);
  • Cost reductions for the processing of supplier invoices due to the highly customizable import mechanism;
  • Remove human error by up to 98%;
  • By reducing the time needed to process supplier invoices, the travel agency reduces the time needed for providing reports and taking business critical decisions;
  • Full control over the import mechanism configuration directly inside the interface, which means that there is no additional development required. This translates in very low operating costs.

Real, measurable and instant benefits for you!

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