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Product Updates - April 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

Changes in Fees Management – 2 new criteria available

We have developed the option to set rules for commission, discount, or service fee, based on the value of the Service price or the Service price + taxes, only for the imported services.

CCI remark for tickets paid by credit card in Sabre

Now, you can to load the credit card type and number details as CCI remark, on the service level, when the form of payment for the services imported from Sabre is set to CC. The remark will be configured in the Setup module – Remarks section (service category).

The format of the remark should be set as: CCI [CREDIT_CARD_TYPE] [CREDIT_CARD_NUMBER]

TINA Worldspan supplier integration update:

We have added the possibility to parse and process tickets from Worldspan. 


TBS travel booking solution - Supplier updates

HS Travel - new web service

Hotel supplier HS Travel has renewed their web service and is now available in TBS as a new supplier, on ZyberHubs platform. 

Jumbo - Hotels Reservations: save nationality restrictions under "Essential information"

For hotel offers, Jumbo supplier can return rates which should not be used for certain nationalities. In the past, TBS displayed this information under "General remarks" in the pre-book page. Starting with the new version, TBS will display this information on the reservation, under "Essential information" and also will save it under "Cancellation policies and remarks".

GTA Activities - display activity duration on reservation

For the activity offers received from GTA, if the supplier sends the duration of the activity during the booking process, TBS used to display the duration only in the prebook page. Starting with the new version of TBS, the activity duration is displayed on the reservation as well and a new variable was created for the activity voucher - %reservation_activityDuration%.


AIDA tour operator solution updates

New service group: Activities

In the new version of our tour operator solution, a new service group was added in AIDA TourOperator: Activities. It allows the user to add different service types, from Sports events to Cooking classes and Dance classes. The new service can be added in Projects/Project components/Add service, selecting "Activities" from the "Service group". In "Select service type" selector, the user can choose from the list, the activity type that wants to add in the application.

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