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Product Updates - December 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

Now, you have the possibility to group the suppliers by category

A new field has been added in the Suppliers section, allowing the user to select a specific category it belongs to and to filter by it in the section. These new categories are available also in Fees management and Automation rules (Process services on orders and Add invoices), as it can be noticed in the images below:

TINA group suppliers by category

TINA suppliers grouped by category

TINA-supplier category


Users Access and Access Profiles sections were redesigned

A new option - Agency - has been added in the Users section, from the Setup Module. This offers the possibility to define the access for each user.

TINA - define access for each user

Once an access profile is set for a specific user, then the User access option will be disabled. The access level can be updated either by modifying the access profile or by removing it from the user's profile.

TINA - user access

The auto-balancing sections were merged and rebuilt

New changes have been included in the Auto-balance section from Financial Module. Now, users have the possibility to create multiple balances without confirmation, using the bulk management option. 

The balances suggestions cover both ticketing and other services.


The way the scoring is given depends on the elements existing on both Service and Supplier Invoice (for example the confirmation number, external reservation id, external reservation date etc.) - if they are matched, the score is higher and if they are different, then the score is decreased. Also, once one of the elements is missing, either from the service or from the supplier invoice, then the scoring will be ignored. 

The scoring can be seen for each component that is taken into consideration, by hovering the progress bar:

TINA - see scoring

The entire process that offers the auto balances suggestions is triggered by the CronJob -  Auto balance services, that must be added and configured accordingly.


AIDA tour operator solution updates

Documents/Templates - New column for secondary services special object: Passengers number 

Previously, when the Secondary Services special object was used, there was no column available to display the passengers’ number and type. In this new version, in Documents/Templates – Secondary Service special object, a new column is available: Passengers Number, as seen in the image below:

AIDA - passengers number

When it is used, the new column displays the number and the type of the passengers.

AIDA-number and type of passengers


New filter in Packages List Report: Visibility

In the newest version of AIDA, in Projects/Reports – Listing reports/Packages List, a new filter is available: Package Visibility, as seen in the image below:

AIDA - Package visibility

The new filter is available in the interface with two values: Yes/No, with default value on No. If checked on Yes, the report displays the visibility for each package: Public/Private.

AIDA - package visibility


CSBT system updates

Travel policy section updates - number of stops restriction

The option gives the travel manager the possibnility to restrict flights that are not direct. The set-up can have exceptions per routes, where each route can have one or more stops allowed.

 CSBT no of stops restrictions

Agency Admin interface

  •  Orders
    • In the agency administration area, the delivery address added in the user`s profile can be seen for each reservation made.
    • A new option allows the admin to cancel reservations from the agency administration area
  • Agency configuration - Agency logo can be added from the agency administration area. The logo can be added from the File Manager section.
  • Corporation configuration - Check connectivity with TBS feature – A corporation cannot be created if the connection with TBS is not established with success when the reseller information is saved.


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