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Product Updates - February 2018

TINA mid back office system updates

New bulk operation available for the services from imported orders – block services

A new Bulk option is available for not processed services in the Imported orders section from the Operational module. This allows the user to block multiple services at once:

 TINA- block services


Operational balance determined for the clients (corporate & passengers)

We have included the possibility to calculate the credit limit of one client, based on the following details:

  • debit balance, resulted from the unpaid invoices
  • credit balance, resulted from the cashing documents added in TINA, but not associated to invoice


The available credit limit is now calculated based on the debit and credit balance

In the latest version of TINA you will benefit of the possibility to determine the operational balance for clients, that is calculated based on the invoices that are not issued. The new functionality is displayed on client’s remote details.

 TINA - operational balance


AIDA tour operator solution updates

New filter in Reservations list – Location

With this new version, both in TourOperator and Reseller interface, in Reservations/Reservations list - Reservations filters, a new filter is available – Location. When used, it searches by Countries or Cities only for the accommodation services from the reservations. The tailor-made reservations for other service groups than accommodation are not displayed. The package reservations will be displayed if the accommodation service matches the search.

New filter in Rooming list standard & extended report – Location

With this new version, in Projects/Reports/Listing reports – Rooming list standard & extended, a new autocomplete filter is available - Location, When used, it searches by Countries or Cities only for the accommodation services.

New column in Reports for Reservation services passengers and Reservation services sources – Tags

In the latest version of AIDA, in Reports/Reports Management – Reservation services & Reservation services passengers sources, a new column is available in Columns/Reservation category: Tags. The new column displays the tag/tags added for each reservation in alphabetical order, available both in HTML and Excel format.


CSBT - Corporate Self Booking Tool updates

Reason of trip module

The module is designed to provide multiple options from where the corporate user can choose the trip reason. The information can be used by the agency and the corporation in advanced reports. The option can be stored and sent as a remark on the PNR.

CSBT reason of trip

CSBT add remarks


Major design updates for the email templates 

  • Confirmation e-mail design template was upgraded
  • Approver request e-mail design template was upgraded

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