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Product Updates - January 2017

TBS travel booking system updates


A new payment gateway was implemented in TBS : Pireus Bank - ePos PayCenter.

JAC TRAVEL & TRAVCO - multithread and partial results processing

Multithreading option and partial results processing were implemented for Jac Travel and Travco suppliers. This implies that concomitant requests are sent to the supplier while making a search, allowing the application to populate the search page with results as soon as they are received from the supplier, without waiting for the full response. While enabling this option consumes more server resources, it actually decreases the response time, especially on big destinations.

Transfers - service: if price increases, display warning

For the Transfer service, in case the price increases between any of the steps of the booking process, a warning will be displayed, advising the old price and the new price of the offer.

RESELLER agent profile – added search default section preference

We have added a new feature that optimizes the time spent by the agents while searching for the travel services. In the reseller interface, in the "Personal profile" section, a new option was created, which allows the user to set a preferred default search section. Thus, the "Search Hotels" page can be automatically opened when clicking on the "Search" button, if this was the preferred option.

AIDA tour operators solution updates

Carrier and flight number are now displayed in packages search results

A new feature was added in the latest AIDA version: the carrier and the flight number saved for each package entry are now displayed in AIDA Reseller/Packages for packages that include transportation service (holiday). Previously, the package description contained only the departure code. If the transportation service departure includes multiple segments, the carrier and the flight number added for the first segment is displayed. If the carrier and the flight number are not added by the production team, then nothing is displayed. If the carrier is missing, the flight number is displayed next to the departure code and if the flight number is missing, the carrier is displayed next to the departure code.

Document template manager update – new functionality

We added a new functionality in DTM module. In this new version, in Documents/Templates - a new variable for Service current supplier price was added for reservation service pivot (ex: voucher) in Reservation service. The calculated value includes all operations , including special offers and financial operations.

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