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Product Updates - January 2018

TINA mid back office system updates

Import payments from TBS to TINA for TBS services

The possibility to import payments from TBS system for the imported services that don’t have other cashing documents added was developed in the latest version of TINA.

These payments will arrive in the Imported documents section and will be associated to the specific imported services and corporation.

Thus, TINA users will benefit of a new automated process and will be able to enjoy a 'clear picture' in both TINA and TBS systems.

A Quality Control rule can be defined for multiple entities at once

New possibility has been added when defining a Quality Control Rule. This allows the user to apply it for more than one corporation at a time. This translates into more efficiency, through a simplified process of defining QC rules, as well as relevant time savings for TINA users.

TINA QC new rule


Go Global credentials included in the interface

Until recently, all the configurations were performed by out technical department. In the latest version of TINA we have included the possibility to configure the GoGlobal credentials directly from the interface, by accessing the Setup Module-> Config-> Configuration Assistance section. Now, the users  can make these configurations whenever they are needed - this translated into more autonomy, brought by this this new 'self-service' option.

The utility of having the possibility to configure the mentioned details is given especially for the cases when the password or any of the credentials are modified.


AIDA tour operator solution updates

Application Core: Extra description bulk management for packages

Without this new option, in previous version of AIDA, if Extra descriptions were needed, they were added manually for each package. Now, with this new functionality, Extra description for packages can be added Bulk. The necessary packages are selected, the option to choose from which package the Extra description should be copied is available. The details added in each Extra description field can be edited and deleted, as per the user need.

extra description bulk management



Application plugin: AIDA B2S - New option for supplier user to edit price sets

Previously in AIDA, a supplier user (if had access to Manage prices) was able to change the supplier price for all available price sets (rates: Bed&Breakfast, Halfboard, All Inclusive, etc). If one of those price sets represents a negotiated rate, which the supplier user shouldn’t be able to edit, until now the supplier user was able to change the prices. With this new version, each price set has an Allow/Not allow a supplier user to change prices option, set by default on No. When price sets are added, only the TourOperator user allows to the supplier user to change the prices.

  •  Projects/Project Components – Accommodation Services/Price sets, a new option is available: Allow/Not allow supplier users to change prices:

Allow/do not allow supplier users to change prices


TBS travel booking system updates

Offer showcase – support for URL

A new optional field is available for Offer Showcase plug-in which allows to define an URL. The reseller user will be redirected to the specified external URL when clicking on the offer, instead of being redirected to a search section inside TBS.

Offer showcase - URL option

When an URL is specified, a warning is displayed when attempting to edit the Filters: An URL is defined for this offer. The filters will not be used for searching. The user will be redirected to the specified URL:
warning: URL is defined for this offer

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