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Product Updates - July 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

New financial reports widgets are now available in Dashboard section and displayed by multiple charts

In the latest version of TINA mid back office, we have added new financial reports widgets, that are available in the Dashboard section and displayed by various charts:

  • Monthly Acquisitions Comparison
  • Monthly Sales Comparison
  • Monthly Services Sales Comparison
  • Service Type Comparison

TINA financial reports widgets

The widgets can display various charts, based on how they are configured:

  • column chart displaying the monthly expenses for the last 3 years (Monthly Acquisition Comparison Report)

TINA report column chart

  • column chart displaying the monthly sales for the last 3 years (Monthly Sales Comparison Report)

TINA report column chart

  • bar percent chart displaying the sales for the last year, detailed by month; each month contains all services types (Monthly services Sales Comparison report)

TINA bar percent chart

  • pie chart displaying the sales per service type for the full previous year (Service Type Comparison report)

TINA pie chart

When using containers with multiple columns, it is recommended to set the container to have equal columns, for the graphics to be displayed with an equal width:

TINA pie chart container with multiple columns


Changes in the import entities module - General supplier invoices import 

We have modified the possibility to import the Supplier Invoices using a CSV format and replaced the old section from the Financial module – Supplier invoices with a new section that can be accessed through the CRM module – Import entities.

TINA import- entities

After clicking on the Import entities, the user should select the “Supplier invoices” file type from the drop-down list, as it can be seen below:

TINA import entities supplier invoices

The columns included in the CSV file for supplier invoices import, can be found by accessing the section in CRM module. The order of the columns in the file is not a mandatory criterion.

For each supplier invoice manually added in TINA, there are mandatory columns. These must be also filled when invoices are imported automatically, using a CSV format.

To determine which columns are mandatory, the user should access the Financial module – Supplier invoices and start adding a new invoice (fields marked with red are mandatory).

One row from the CSV file represents a supplier invoice row. The accepted date format can be: d-m-Y (ex: 15-06-2017), Y-m-d (ex: 2017-06-15) and d-m-y (ex: 15-06-17). The `rowType` column can have one of the values: price, advance, discount, tax, penalty. The invoices will be grouped by invoice number, invoice date and supplier.

If any errors appear, they will be displayed on top of the window as presented below and the log file can be accessed to correct them.TINA import entities errors warning

TBS travel booking system updates

HotelsPro - new API: CORAL

We developed the new HotelsPro connector, on their new Coral API and it is ready to be deployed to your server. Please note this is an entirely new development as HotelsPro changed their platform completely, including the mapping (properties IDs). 

The supplier will be treated as a new one and requires installation. To help with the needed mapping process, we are working on a tool which will map the new hotel IDs based on the previous mapping. The tool will be available in the upcoming two weeks.

According to HotelsPro team, the old HotelsPro and the new HotelsPro cannot run in parallel (you cannot make bookings in both). There will be a transition time when you will have both HotelsPro (old and new) but only to be able to check status and cancel bookings in the old HotelsPro. Once connected on the new one, the ability to make bookings on the old one will be disabled.

 If you have any questions about this, please contact TBS Support department.


Hotels manual matching - Merge groups option

The mapping process implies joining similar components, from different suppliers in the same group, in order to have a single element with the same characteristics. During the automatic mapping, duplicate groups can appear. To avoid the situation in which you need to delete one of the groups and re-map in a sinle group, we added the possibility to merge similar groups

In the previous versions of TBS, this option was availablle only for automatic matching.


AIC – Incremental static update

A new static update mode was added for supplier AIC, allowing the TBS admin to process an incremental update, which will update the components starting from the last process finished.

For this update point to work, the admin user must insert, in the Supplier configuration panel>Incremental updates tab, the date when the last successful full update was processed.


AIDA tour operator solution updates

Display departure stop sales in transportation capacity report

In the newest version of AIDA, in Projects/Reports/Summary reports - Transportation capacity report, a new report functionality is available – Stop sales sign, as seen in the image below:

AIDA report stop sales

Similar to the accommodation capacity report, in this new version we included the Stop Sales sign (SS) both in the interface and in the excel report for transportation departures that have a stop sale added.

The sign is displayed in the Departure code column, both in the interface and in the Excel export:

 AIDA departure code



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