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Product Updates - March 2017

TBS travel booking system updates

Resellers - flight searches and reservations counter

A new section was developed in the 'Resellers' module - 'Search counter'.

The section displays the total number of flight searches and reservations made by the reseller and offers the admin filter options based on the flight provider (all or specific) and time period (daily and monthly).

Flights - display message in book page when status is different than HK

New quality control feature that optimizes the search and book time of the travel agents:

For the flight reservations which have at least one segment with status different than HK, a message is displayed in the booking page: 'Please check the segments status. Ticket issuance might not be possible or might lead to accepting schedule change.'

Flights - Amadeus and TBS.Supplier: configuration for allowed/excluded origin country

For flight suppliers Amadeus and TBS, a new section was added in the configuration panel - 'Departure restrictions'.

In this section, the admin can setup one or more origin countries to be either excluded or allowed from/in the searches done by the reseller.

Based on this configuration, no searches will be made when the journey originates in a country that it's not allowed.

Travelport uAPI 1G and 1P - process EMD issuance

In case the EMD issuance is done successfully, the EMD number is saved and displayed in the 'View PNR' section and also displayed on the flight ticket details document by the special object 'Ancillary services'.


AIDA tour operator solution updates

New option for Add & Edit project to update parities with values from another project

We are continuously thinking of finding new ways to make everything easier for you. In this latest release of AIDA, when adding/editing a new project, a new field is available: Get parities from another projectIf no project is selected in the new field, nothing happens. If a project is selected, the parities of the current project being added/edited are updated with the parities from the project selected in this field.

AIDA B2S: New option for user's access for project components in users/ profile access 

AIDA has an extensive user management module. We have updated the users permissions in Admin/Users access; the user's access can be restricted by selecting the user or the profile associated. For Projects/Project components - Options, new options that apply only to supplier user/supplier profile were added. Now, using the new set of user rights a user has the right to:

  • see capacities
  • manage capacities - the user can manage everything he has in Capacities tab (manage capacities, manage checkins)
  • see prices
  • manage prices - the user can manage the prices - add/edit prices
  • manage stop sales - the user can manage the stop sales
  • manage penalties - the user can manage the penalties

An info icon near each one of them is added informing that 'This option affects only supplier users'. If one of the options from above is unchecked (Can see capacities or Can manage capacities, for example), the user is not able to see capacities or to manage capacities at all. The View service capacities option is deactivated.

New service group: Activities

In this new version, a new service group was added in AIDA TourOperator: Activities. It allows the TourOperator user to add different service types, from Sports events to Cooking classes and Dance classes. The new service can be added in Projects/Project components/Add service, selecting Activities from the Service group. In Select service type selector the user can choose from the list the activity type that wants to add in the application.

Once the service is added, the next step is to manage the passengers. If for the activity type selected, the children have different prices based on the age, the user can add here the child segments.


TINA travel ERP updates

We work to find new ways to make everything easier, for the travel agents, that's why:

The order id and number is automatically filled in for each new supplier invoice row that is added based on the order

So, from now on, you have the possibility to fill in the information concerning the order id and the number of the order, on each row of the supplier invoice, when it is added based on the order.

Changes for the supplier field in the supplier invoice

Now you have the possibility to select a supplier from a suggestion, when adding a supplier invoice based on the order. The suggestions are displayed taking into consideration the information that you have added in the Service offer section.

New option within the Import entities section

This new option added for the 'Import entities' allows the user to automatically import offer profile rules. In order to have a successful import, the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

  • Use a document in the csv format;
  • Fill in the delimiter used in the csv (the most common characters are “;” and “,”);
  • Name the columns exactly like they are mentioned in the section.
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