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Product Updates - May 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

Changes in TINA Theme

In the latest version of TINA, we have performed changes regarding the theme. In this respect, the most used option - the Offer icon is now available directly from the services list.

The rest of the options such as: Generate document and Passengers external services associations are available at service details section and can be accessed by clicking on the name of the service, as per the image below:

Changes in TINA theme


The possibility to add notes at Order level

A new option was developed in the latest version of the application. Now, the user has the possibility to add quick notes at order level, as you can notice in the image below:

Add notes Order level

This option is very useful, allowing the user to fill important information and details regarding the order - this information will be available for all the users of the application.

After a note is added, it is stored in the application and it can be accessed at any time in Detail order section, as per the following image:

Notes at order level


Changes in the recepient field when sending email from TINA

If you send emails from the latest version of TINA, you have the possibility to add in the recipient field (CC) any e-mail address, even if it's not associated with a TINA user.

Changes in the recipient field TINA


TBS travel booking solution - updates

New payment gateway available: Bankmed

A new payment gateway was implemented in TBS - Bankmed Ecommerce Payment, from Lebanon. The method used is redirect - this means that the user will not complete his card details in TBS; a pop-up window will be displayed and the customer will be redirected to the payment gateway website. He will introduce his card information directly on the payment processor page, which is secured.

Reseller – search traveler with autocomplete widget

A new option was implemented in TBS reseller interface, allowing the agent to select the passenger name from different sources: the reseller's existing reservations or external sources, such as TINA. All services (except insurance) allow the possibility to search for client name based on the previous reservations, at the prebook step, when entering traveler details.

Note: TINA as a source will be available only for MAIN and BRANCH resellers. The reservation source will be available for all resellers, based on the passenger names and details saved for the existing reservations.

Transfer orders from TINA to TBS

A new option was developed in TBS, which allows the user working on an order in TINA to push the details to TBS. This will open TBS application (if it's not already opened) and will use the details from the TINA order to search offers in TBS and add the passenger names in the pre-book step. This will save time and simplify a lot the process, for those using both TBS and TINA applications.

Note: This option is only available for MAIN and BRANCH resellers.

Upcoming suppliers in TBS:

  • Hotels: Lots of Hotels, W2M, FIT Ruums, Sunhotels, RTS, TBO Holidays, RezLive
  • Car rental: CarTrawler, Hertz, Avis
  • Tickets: Sports365
  • Insurance: Holiday Guard
  • Payment Gateways: Faturah, Payrexx

Update to the new platform is in progress for the following hotels suppliers: Miki, Hotelspro (Coral), Hotelbeds, Travco, Jumbo Hotels and Restel. 


AIDA tour operator solution updates

Transfers - cancellation policy applied to the number of hours before departure time

In the newest version of AIDA, in Projects/Project Components/Penalties/Add cancellation policy/Manage cancellation policy type, a cancellation policy rule related to the number of hours before the pick-up time can be set for the transfer service group, as seen in the image below:

Transfers cancellation policy

Once saved, the rule is available on sale for the transfer reservations added. The cancellation penalty displayed, as seen in the image below, is related to the pick-up time set in Search filters. For example, if the cancellation policy is set to apply for cancellations made with 1 hours before pick-up time and the pick-up time is 13:00, the cancellation policy will apply starting with 12:00. The new cancellation policy rule is saved on the reservation. The service cancellation policy e-mail alert includes the time of service cancellation.

Cancellation policy hours AIDA


Documents/ Templates - New document generation criteria: Project

Starting with this version of AIDA, in Documents/Templates/Add templates/Voucher document type, a new document generation criteria is available - Project, as seen in the image below:

New document generation criteria - Project

This new generation criteria allows to add different vouchers for different projects. Based on the reservations made, the same client can have 2 different vouchers, if the reservations are made for different projects which have different vouchers set.


New report source for reservations category: Reservation Rooms

In this new version, in Reports/Reports management for Reservations category a new report source is available: Reservation rooms, as seen in the image below:

Report source reservation rooms

When used, it displays the information extracted from the reservation service rooms. For example, the reservations with multiple rooms and one of them cancelled are displayed using this new report source. 


For a complete list of update notifications, please access our Knowledge Base. Explore it and you'll find even more information, training videos and How-to guides.

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