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Product Updates - November 2016

AIDA tour operator solution updates

Shopping basket for creation of travel packages

  • In AIDA Reseller a new section was added: Shopping basket. It allows the reseller to create  and book packages by selecting accommodation, ancillary services and transportation from the inventory  that is available in AIDA TourOperator. The Reseller user, taking into consideration the services that need to be booked, can search through each section: Hotels search, Transportation and Extra services & activities, and add the services to cart. Once the reservation is added, it is displayed in Reservations list. If the services selected have different currencies, all of them are saved and displayed in the list. If from all services, one of them has RQ status and the other ones have OK status, the final reservation will have RQ status.


TBS travel booking system updates

  • New items in reseller interface – Details regarding latitude and longitude are now displayed in the reseller interface. Whenever the reseller creates a booking, the latitude and longitude from group level are now displayed in the reseller interface in the same section where we currently display contact info and address
  • New criteria in reseller reporting - New columns were added in the reports section in admin interface, source “Resellers”: Blocked/Unblocked,  License number,  Reseller alias, Insolvency insurance. 
  • Travelport Universal API for flights is now available in TBS. This enables your agency to expand its commercial business by offering direct access to Ancillary Services through a single API integration. This way Ancillary Services are seamlessly integrated into the selling process allowing your travel agents to offer a comprehensive, end-to-end journey to your customers.
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