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Product Updates - November 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

The possibility to process the hotel ghost segments from Sabre

In the newest version of TINA, we have added the possibility to parse the IUR files for the accommodation services that contain ghost segments.

New financial widgets in Order dashboard

In the Operational Module > Order dashboard section, it has been added a wider selection of financial widgets which can be displayed according to the users’ preferences, such as:

  • Order income details: Estimated income, Real income and Value to be paid by customer
  • Order profit details: Estimated profit and Real profit
  • Order acquisition details: Value to be paid to supplier

The order evolution status is now reflected in a progress bar, which indicates a specific percent, based on the operations that have been added on the services. (If the service is TI, balanced, XX etc.).

This information insures a rapid overview of the reservation's status.

TINA financial widgets


New criteria in the Fees Management Rules

A new option has been included in the Fees Management section, that allows the user to add criteria for applying the commission, service fee or discount, based on the departure and destination countries, without taking into consideration the country of reference.

The field has been named Global Destination, having two options that can be applied - Domestic or International. The values that can be selected are: any value, without value, equal to or different from. 

Once the departure and destination are within the same country, the destination should be considered as Domestic, no matter the country that is set into TINA as domestic. In case the destination and departure are not within the same country, then the destination should be considered as International.

fees management


AIDA tour operator solution updates

Cloning Accommodation Service cancellation policies

Previously, when an Accommodation service was cloned, the cancellation policies added at service level or at price set were not cloned. With this new version, when cloning an Accommodation service, the user has the option to choose if the cancellation policies should be or shouldn’t be cloned to the new service. If the option is checked, all the cancellation policies added at service level or price set level are cloned.

cloning accommodation cancellation policies

When the Prices option is not checked to be cloned, but the cancellation policies are, the cancellation policies added for a specific price set are displayed to be valid for the new service generally. If no changes are made, these policies will apply to all price sets.


Cloning accommodation service check-ins

Previously, when an Accommodation service was cloned, the check-ins were not cloned for the new service and were added manually.  With this new version, when an Accommodation service is cloned, the check-ins are also cloned along with the “Lock service duration” and “Checkin time” details.


New option for editing packages bulk

Previously, there was no option for editing packages details for all packages at once, each package was edited individually.

edit packages bulk

With this new option, the packages for which changes must be made can be selected bulk and the following fields can be modified:

  • Currency
  • Validity period
  • Category
  • Package description
  • Picture

edit packages bulk

In front of each one of these field a checkbox is available in order to select the exact sections which need to be updated. If one of them is unchecked, the information added before performing this action is still available.


TBS travel booking system updates

World2Meet – new hotel supplier

A new hotel supplier is available in TBS: World2Meet (W2M). W2M is a global online accommodation and destination service provider with an inventory of more than 345.000 properties worldwide.

CruiseLink – new cruise supplier

A new cruise supplier is avialable in TBS: CruiseLink. CruiseLink has access to several major cruise lines such as: MSC, Norwegian, Costa, RoyalCarribean, Princess and many others.


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