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Product Updates - October 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

Dashboard available for companies

The new section is displaying useful information about a specific company and it can be accessed as follows: from the CRM module -> Companies, from Companies Management, from each company’s special option as per below images:

  • From the CRM module -> Companies, where the user should use the autocomplete input, by entering the company's name:

TINA CRM Companies

  • From Companies Management, from each company’s special options and the user will be redirected to the mentioned section:

TINA Companies Management

  • From the company’s tooltip, and the user will be redirected to the mentioned section:

TINA Orders List

The below widgets are available in the mentioned Dashboard:

TINA Companies Dashboard

  • the company details – displays the details that are stored in the company profile
  • the services list – displays the information about passed, active and future services
  • the invoices list – displays the information about the invoices added for that company selected as client


Dashboard available for Orders

The Orders Dashboard replaces the old Order history section. 

The new section from the Operational module  Order Dashboard, allows the possibility to display the widgets related to various operations performed on an order (general details, services list, invoices list, cashing documents, supplier invoices list, payment documents, balances list).

The section can be accessed either from the Operational Module – Order Dashboard, or from the Orders List, from each order’s special option.

  • From the Operational Module – Order Dashboard section, where the user should use the autocomplete input, by entering the order id:

TINA Orders Dashboard

  • From the Orders List, from each order’s special option, when the user will be redirected to the dashboard of that specific order.

TINA Order List


TBS travel booking system updates

Miki hotel supplier – upgrade to version 7

Miki Travel supplier was upgraded from version 5 to version 7 and moved to REST API. The upgrade provides multiple room options displayed to best effect and enhanced response times.

Amadeus – display non-refundable information

If received like this from the GDS, the non-refundable offers will be highlighted from the search results display, for agents to have a quick overview of the results, without having to verify the fare rules for each flight offer.

TBS Amadeus display non-refundable


AIDA tour operator solution updates

Changes in service special offer calculation mode

Previously, when a service special offer type Early Booking or Rolling Early Booking was used with reduction from the supplier price, the Agency Commission and Reseller Commission values were not affected, they were related to the standard supplier price.

With this new version, for Special Offers/Service special offers, the calculation mode was changed. For Early Booking and Rolling Early Booking special offer type, if a reduction from the supplier price is applied, the Agency Commission and the Reseller Commission are calculated related to the new supplier price.

Cloning accommodation service restrictions

Previously, when an Accommodation service was cloned, the price sets restrictions were not cloned to the new service and were added manually.

With this new version, when an Accommodation Service is cloned also with prices, all the restrictions from the price sets are cloned for the new service, irrespective if it’s cloned to the same project, a different project with the same start and end dates or if it’s cloned to a project that is scheduled to start in the future.

New option to add multiple periods for cancellation policies

Previously, when a cancellation policy was added or edited, only one period could be added. This new option applies to all cancellation policies options: Service, Packages, Projects, Package special offer and Service special offer.

With this new version, in Projects/Project components – Penalties, a new option is available to set multiple periods for cancellation policies. This option is useful for the situations when the same cancellation policy is valid for multiple non-consecutive periods.

User groups for managing project access

Previously, for each new project added in AIDA, the users that have access at project level as administrator or moderator were added manually for each project. Each time a new project was added, the same operation was made. For the clients that have up to 30-40 users that need to have access at project level, this is a time consuming operation. With this new version, in Admin/Users, a new option is available: Users groups. Using this option, the projects administrators or moderators can be added in a group, without the need to select manually user by user for each project. The group to which a user belongs is selected as user level. A user can belong to more than one group, without limitations. After the users group is added and all the necessary users were selected, based on the role that should have at project level, as administrator or moderator, the users group can be added. All the users that are added in the users group are set to have project access as administrators or moderators.


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