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We're talking technology at e-Travel Middle East

e-Travel Middle EastFrom November 20th to 22nd, we are present at the e-Travel Middle East conference taking place at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa, Dubai - our colleague Andrei Raileanu holding the presentation 'Travel agency day-to-day operations: What processes should be handed over to machines?'

The paper targets the automation process and its importance in the travel and tourism  industry. In a world where the competition is becoming more and more intense and the global economy is sometimes not working in the businesses' best interest, it is important to have a strong understanding of the environment and forecast the upcoming challenges or sudden changes.

But in order to stay focused, you need to cover all bases, thus having a system which takes care of your business, so you can invest the required time into urgent matters. This is where the automation process interferes.

Reducing the human error to zero, but also leaving enough time to your employees to take care of building stronger relationships with the company’s customers, the automation process of a tech system is bound to save you time and money.

We all acknowledge the immense importance of the perfect mix between keeping your customers happy (while attracting new ones) and have a business that runs smoothly thanks to identifying and eliminating needless expenses.

One of the overlooked places to uncover monetary and productivity leaks are manual workflow activities that can be optimized with back office automation. By securing this, your company will be able to allocate more time and resources to developing even more innovative services and strengthening customer loyalty.


About e-Travel Middle East

The e-Travel Middle East conference provides cutting-edge, real-world case studies from leading OTA’s, airlines, hotels on their innovative digital marketing, e-commerce and creative online strategies for improved customer insights, retention, and acquisition across mobile, tablet and desktop.

The conference’s second edition will gain you an insight into how the global online and e-commerce giants are leveraging big data analytics, machine learning and virtual reality to enhance customer insights and improve the user journey.

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