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TBS - updates and new features


The travel industry is evolving and the travel agencies' needs grow along with it. We consider that advancement and improvement are driven by the needs of our customers and we focus on ensuring that our solutions bring them benefits and value.

This month, TBS comes with the following additions and features:


New language available: Portuguese

We know that in order to gain competitive advantage, it is crucial to offer the customers a multilingual booking engine. When customers can make reservations in their native language the booking process becomes easier and this results in an increased number of bookings. There is no surprise that everybody wants an easy and quick way to make a reservation.

As we are deploying the aggregation and B2B sales platform to countries all over the world, we are continuously adding new languages in the platform. The latest addition in TBS languages list is Portuguese, and it becomes available once you upgrade to version 3.11.0. The new language is available for both the Reseller interface and OSP module.


Ancillary services available in Travelfusion connector

Ancillary services are now available for Travelfusion flights supplier. The platform now allows booking of ancillary services at pre-book from the reseller interface; the ancillary services include the costs of baggage, speedy (priority) boarding, meal type and online check-in, amongst others.

The additional services and their prices are now displayed for the booking agents at the pre-book step. Based on the selection made, the flight offer can be revalidated to reflect the total price which includes the ancillary services. The booked ancillary services can be seen also on the reservation, under 'Details'. Also, for the 'Ticket details' document a new special object was created called 'Air ancillary services' which can be used to display the additional services booked on the travel documents.


Search timeout for TBS resellers

Using the new timeout setting, it is now possible for TBS users to define a more permissive or restrictive search timeout for hotels, for a certain reseller. As this configuration is added for a specific reseller, the new timeout will bypass the general configuration.

The Search timeout can be set for a reseller from Edit reseller/Service settings/Hotel/Search timeout. The default value is '0', which means that the general timeout will apply (the one defined from App-config/Misc Config/Hotels/Search timeout).


Reporting Module upgrade

In order to increase the overview that the admin has over the processed reservations, new items were added to the advanced reporting module. As we noticed the need for advanced filtering and sorting using the Issue date criteria for flights, a new column was added:


For 'Reservations – flights' report source, a new column was added in both Admin and Reseller interfaces: 'Issue date'.


For reports 'Reservations - Hotels' and 'Reservations - Flights' a new column was added for 'Supplier Confirmation Number'. 

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