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TINA Academy: free education meant to grow travel businesses as well as individual careers

17 years of expertise in the travel industry, together with hundreds of business models analyzed, translated into a robust travel ERP – TINA, that is not only being successfully used globally, but also became an industry standard solution.

TINA is about efficiency, cost reduction and profitability. It represents a good way for travel agencies to become more productive and to grow. In order to help our customers achieve the best results with TINA, we thought of ways of helping them to use the platform at its full potential.

400x400-TINA-Academy-Program (1)That’s how TINA Academy came into being. Our purpose is to teach the users how to capitalize each and every functionality of the solution, how to fit them into their business specifics and flows and how to maximize the total business potential as fast and as effective as possible.

Getting to know how to make the most out of such a comprehensive travel ERP will make a big difference on any travel agency bottom line. Through TINA Academy Program, any TINA user can become a proficient one, by gaining knowledge directly from our top experts. All the necessary insights to help users grow and further contribute to the growth of their travel agencies are right here; and best of all, they are shared for free. Yes – it’s free education meant to grow both businesses as well as individual careers.

The training sessions are done online, making it convenient to learn from wherever users are. Different areas of knowledge on using TINA, from setup configurations to practical examples, are covered by the a number of sessions, part of TINA Academy program. At the end of this, the participants get a final exam and they receive a certification.

Our colleague, Raluca Brusalinschi, herself one of the most experienced TINA users, was involved in this program from the very beginning and she is the one that shared her knowledge in the first series of TINA lessons. She is sharing her thoughts about this initiative:

 RALUCA BRUSALINSCHI CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE COORDINATOR TINA„It all started from an idea, when we were wondering how we should make sure that our customers are aware of the all major functionalities the system is providing. We took into consideration to develop a dcs plus Academy, about travel operational flows, for agents – from those with no experience or with basic skills up to the advanced users, who look to obtain a certification on TINA solution. From here, TINA Academy project took life and we engaged into this journey aiming to provide best quality training for our clients.

 We have been thinking it will be way more captivating and easily to follow a real-life example, and to create connections starting from it, through the other available processes. This is the main reason why the operational part was the first one covered, and before reaching the invoice module, we made sure that all the CRM details are properly stored and set, for a smoothly invoicing process. Of course, we covered also the reporting area and the most useful and interesting functions of the application, the automation of processes , which saves time, eliminates errors, improves quality, optimizes the internal workflows and enhances operational efficiency.

I’m proud for being the ‚behind the scene’ character and very happy to see such a big number of agents who applied. It was a nice experience. At the beginning I was wondering how would it feel to have no interaction with the people attending the webinar, but I realized that it was not a bad idea, as all the details I wanted to be covered went in a logical and smooth way, and this is actually how we wanted to make it happen: to be able to follow a daily flow from the agency (this is the moment when I entered in the role of the agent), and to create connections, by managing to pass through the other sections of the application. There were even emotions that occurred, because I was not used to have no interaction with the attenders, and, on the other side, I just wanted to have all the details delivered on a structured way."


If TINA Academy Program was originally designed to address TINA customers, our plan is to extend it, so anyone in the travel industry who is willing to take advantage of this opportunity to be able to apply and get certified.


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