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Wondering what's new in TINA 3?

TINA 3 reflects 14 years of experience in the mid back office area, gathered from more than 45 markets. In order to be validated, all the new features of the product have been tested against the normal day to day operations performed by more than 300 travel agencies across the world.

'We have focused on several major areas: 

  • Improved user experience
  • Increased number of automated processes
  • Big Data Aggregation with new features in the reporting module
  • Addition of processes control tools
  • Customized Deployment and implementation depending on project size


With the new version of TINA 3 we change the rules of battle, empowering the travel agency to focus on what it knows best: provide great services and great travel experiences to its customers while our product takes care of the rest.' (Alexandru Bararu – Software Development Manager at dcs plus)

The new UX/UI experience provided by TINA 3 was developed taking into account 14 years of usability data from our users. According to existing statistics, the platform usability will be increased by more than 87 percent with the new version. This means that a particular operation performed in TINA which used to last around 1 minute will now be accomplished in  30 seconds or less. If we multiply this with the total number of daily operations, we expect to save an important amount of time for the travel agent.

Each travel agency is different. Every workflow needs to be carried out in a different mode. At dcs plus we recognize this fact and now TINA 3 has a completely customizable layout in terms of information listings, which allows each travel agent to customize the interface in order to make it a best match for his/her particular flow.

The high level of automation allows the travel agent to focus on the services he provides to his customer and on finding new creative ways to create business differentiators. Automation also eliminates the human error factor and should increase the collection levels.

Big data aggregation means that you have processed reports at your fingertips. For the Enterprise version, this is also available as a mobile app.

The new deployment and customer care structure will allow dcs plus to better service the travel agencies as the service levels are customized based on the their particular needs.


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