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Are you social? A short how-to about feedback on social media.

How to: social media monitoring, from zero to hero.

As the technology interferes more and more with our lives, the buying habits of the customers are changing.

A few years back, a customer that wanted to give a feedback had a limited audience: it was either via support center, dedicated forums or maybe your website reviews (if you had such a feature). Nowadays,  the customers have a very powerful tool in their hands: social media. Their thoughts can be seen faster and by more people than ever. As time flies a lot faster, a recent survey says that 42 percent of consumers complaining in social media expect 60 minute response time.

Your customers are not numbers

or how to bring back the joy in the travel agency

Think about the travel industry: is one of the most dynamic and segmented industries. As a player in this industry, there are lots of things that you need to think about: GDS commissions, hotel banks, markups, reseller networks, accuracy of the content and many more. And you don't just need to know about them now and then. You need to pay very close attention to what's happening in your market because the travel market is extremely dynamic. 

Considering all of these, many of the players in the travel industry have lost their focus. They have forgotten who they are talking with, and what is their main target: The customer.

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