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Product Updates - November 2016

AIDA tour operator solution updates

Shopping basket for creation of travel packages

  • In AIDA Reseller a new section was added: Shopping basket. It allows the reseller to create  and book packages by selecting accommodation, ancillary services and transportation from the inventory  that is available in AIDA TourOperator. The Reseller user, taking into consideration the services that need to be booked, can search through each section: Hotels search, Transportation and Extra services & activities, and add the services to cart. Once the reservation is added, it is displayed in Reservations list. If the services selected have different currencies, all of them are saved and displayed in the list. If from all services, one of them has RQ status and the other ones have OK status, the final reservation will have RQ status.
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What Do Calculators Have to Do with Import Rates?

For a moment, let’s consider the calculator. This relatively simple machine allows the user to complete complicated math problems by simply pushing a few buttons or following a fairly easy set of steps. The results, even with the most basic of today’s calculators, are computed quickly and are both incredibly detailed and enormously accurate. This allows users to engage in advanced mathematical equations with little time and resource investment - which can’t be said when attempting to solve a complex math equation manually with pen and paper.

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Why Tour Operators Should Target Adventure Travelers

It’s no secret that tour operators have been struggling to maintain a foothold in today’s travel industry with the rise and proliferation of travel review websites, social media, and the wealth of general travel information available to customers at the snap of their fingers. Today’s biggest travel consumer market, millennials - though baby boomers to some degree as well - are more savvy and well-informed than consumers in years past. Yet, there’s one consumer base that still remains fertile ground for tour operators: Adventure travelers.

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Tour Operator Trends and Technology

Within the tour industry the trends of early 2016 are mirroring those of 2015: customers are increasingly looking for customized offerings that promise highly personalized travel experiences.  It’s not surprising: who doesn’t want to return from a trip with a sense of having authentically experienced that part of the world?  What travelers wouldn’t want to feel they really know something where they’ve been, and that where they’ve been is unique – more than just another gondola ride in Venice?  The question is – how are savvy tour companies responding to these trends?

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