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travel tech insights

How to choose the right Corporate Self Booking Tool

Keeping up the pace with what’s new on the market and with measuring, analyzing and interpreting the customers behavior, pattern and expectations has always been one of the many challenges that Travel Management Companies are facing.

Add these to the fact that the travel sector and all its components are dynamic, the entire industry changing by the minute for being directly influenced by the constant development and evolution of technology, and the TMCs find themselves in a bit of a bother.

15 years of dcs plus - Interview with Mr. Lars Brännvall, GM Sales, FIT at Miki Travel

2017 is a very important year here at dcs plus because we celebrate no less than 15 years of activity. It goes without saying that we are extremely happy and proud to have reached this point, but we also know that in a such a dynamic industry one must keep up the pace with what is happening on the market (and the technology sector above all) and always find the means to attract and maintain trustworthy partners.

We have always invested time and effort into building up strong relations with our partners, that’s why in this celebratory year we decided to conduct a series of interviews with some of them, trying to find out how they see their collaboration with dcs plus.

Today, we are happy to present you the first one, with Mr Lars Brännvall, GM Sales, FIT
at Miki Travel
– one of our major suppliers but also one of the most influential private travel companies in the world. 

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Product Updates - September 2017

TINA mid back office system updates

Dashboard available for the passenger section

This new section available in the latest version of TINA provides easy access to passengers' information; either if you need details from an operational perspective (such as past, active and future travel services, for example) or from a financial point of view (let's say overdue invoices or status of the invoices added on the company associated to that passenger), you can access them from the mentioned Dashboard.

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ITB Asia 2017 is just one month away

Today, Asia Pacific represents one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing travel market places in the world.

Its emerging economies outperformed major Western countries in terms of GDP growth and future perspectives. The region's rising population and growing middle class are spending more on travel, APAC maintaining its lead as the world's largest travel market.  

Eager to tap into the phenomenal potential of this region, dcs plus will exhibit, for the first time, at ITB Asia – the three-day B2B trade show that will take place in Singapore, from 25th to 27th of October 2017.

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The power of Financial Reports in TINA 3

  • Are there any differences between your estimated profit and the real one?
  • What's your services sales evolution?
  • Which are your top performing services?
  • Who are your top bad debt customers?

Do you have the answer to these questions? How often do you think you should check this information in order to have the necessary visibility and to know what to plan for the future of your travel agency?

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