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Why Travel Companies Need An ERP Solution in 2017

Today’s travel companies often find themselves in the same scenario as companies within a host of other industries: The prospect of having to do more with less.

Because the 21st Century travel industry demands travel companies operate with greater agility, flexibility, and visibility, travel companies are constantly tasked with increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing the overall customer experience in order to remain viable and competitive. With such a crowded field in today’s travel landscape, travel companies  can find themselves struggling to navigate the wealth of options, methods, and modes when it comes to increasing the efficacy of their products and services.

This is where a travel ERP solution is an important value proposition for travel companies as they strive to multi-task and work faster and more efficiently. The capacity of a travel ERP solution to automate workflows and back-office tasks, and fast, accurate invoicing and documentation reduce headaches for travel companies by streamlining once manual, time-consuming activities. This provides travel companies with greater visibility and responsiveness across each touch point of the value chain.

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TBS Upsell & Cross-sell functionality in TBS - Travel Booking System

  • The new option available is visible in the book page - after a reservation is created - and allows the user to the possibility to book  complementary services
  • It works very simple: let's assume a hotel reservation; once a booking is made, the system displays to the user the suggestion that you can see in the image below. The services suggested depend on the services that are active in that TBS. If one of the services is selected, a new search page opens - in that page, TBS will auto-complete the search data used for the original service.
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Product Updates - March 2017

TBS travel booking system updates

Resellers - flight searches and reservations counter

A new section was developed in the 'Resellers' module - 'Search counter'.

The section displays the total number of flight searches and reservations made by the reseller and offers the admin filter options based on the flight provider (all or specific) and time period (daily and monthly).

Flights - display message in book page when status is different than HK

New quality control feature that optimizes the search and book time of the travel agents:

For the flight reservations which have at least one segment with status different than HK, a message is displayed in the booking page: 'Please check the segments status. Ticket issuance might not be possible or might lead to accepting schedule change.'

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The Importance of Conversion Rates for OTAs

Let’s examine a very common scenario in today’s travel industry: Your customer is browsing a travel package or destination on your site, has done their research, is fairly confident your site is offering the best value, but is still unsure about completing the booking. Their virtual shopping cart is loaded, yet there’s still something holding them back from completing their purchase. How does a travel company entice or encourage this customer to click ‘buy’ and complete their booking? How does a travel company make the buying process simple, fast, and efficient?

What we’re talking about here is conversion. The scenario we described above plays out thousands of times a day in the travel industry for online travel agencies and companies in their quest to enhance online conversion rates, increase revenue, and build brand loyalty. But what’s an OTA to do to drive conversion in a competitive online landscape? How do they reconcile this situation? How do they turn probing clicks into purchases? How do they stimulate their conversion rates and leverage these successes into a jumping off point for sustainable growth and competitiveness?

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The Importance of Reporting for Travel Agents

As with so many industries in today’s interconnected, global economy, data and analytics are core drivers in leveraging growth, productivity, efficiency, and profitability. A company’s ability to gather, interpret, analyze, and act on data sets is more than a value-added proposition in a complex marketplace network of suppliers, retailers, and customers; rather, using reporting as a way to create actionable business plans is a necessity for long-term, sustainable success. This is perhaps no more true than with travel agents who are consistently required to work with more visibility, transparency, and agility in order to reach as wide as consumer base as possible.

Through advanced metric and reporting platforms like Big Data, advanced analytics, and automation software, travel agents can now more than ever before gain a fundamental understanding as to how every interaction in the buying process impacts each touch point in the value chain. Reporting and data analysis also offer a window into the needs, desires, and requirements of travelers, which travel agents can then use to best position products and services in a competitive field of travel companies.

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