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TBS Upsell & Cross-sell functionality in TBS - Travel Booking System

  • The new option available is visible in the book page - after a reservation is created - and allows the user to the possibility to book  complementary services
  • It works very simple: let's assume a hotel reservation; once a booking is made, the system displays to the user the suggestion that you can see in the image below. The services suggested depend on the services that are active in that TBS. If one of the services is selected, a new search page opens - in that page, TBS will auto-complete the search data used for the original service.

up-sell cross-sell

  • At this moment, the new option is available only for flights and hotels - you'll receive suggestions to book other services only after you conclude a reservation of flight or hotel. For all the other services, the Upselling & Cross-selling functionality will be available soon.
  • To use this option you don't need to do anything in particular - it will become available starting with the update to 3.11.7 version of TBS.
  • The complementary services are suggested based on the original service - this means that if you book a hotel, TBS won't suggest you another service that also contains accommodation (such as Package, for example).



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